The pre-cleaning machine removes dust, chaff and other light admixture. It is used for different cores, rice or plastic granulate.

The pre-cleaner consists of a centrifugal blowing out ventilator, a cleaner which can be connected to a cyclone. With the cyclone it is used for detaching fine dust. The admixture can be bagged. The motor is assembled on the blowing out ventilator with an inlet, which stands downward. The grain flows through a tube into the cleaner, where fall down on a wheel with a wing having a horizontal shaft, which was rotated by the air-flow of the ventilator. The wheel with a wing distributes grain in order to the grain can arrive in the air-flow moving upwards. Light admixture goes away from the grain with the air-flow upwards through the centrifugal ventilator into the cyclone. Beside the ventilator the proper suction effect can be set with a built-in control valve. The fine admixture flowing into the cyclone can be bagged at the bottom of the cyclone and the air removes on the top of the cyclone. For taking out the air from the cyclone two solutions are provided. One of the solutions is the use of a rain-hood. In this case the relatively dusty air goes away into the open air. The other solution is the use of a dust filter box and a bag. In this case the dusty air, which flows above, flows into two dust bags through a dust filter box. The air goes away through the dust bag while the dust bag collects dust therefore the dust can be bagged.

Type R14 R25 R40
Type of the motor(B5) 0,75 kW 3000 speed/minute 2,2 kW 3000 speed/minute 5,5 kW 3000 speed/minute
Capacity (t/h) 12-14 20-25 40-50
Air capacity (m3/h) 1400 2400 5500
mmVS 120 150 225
The diameter of the outlet (mm) 150 200 300
The maximum length of the connecting tube (m) 18 24 21
Weight (kg) 32 78 185
The weight of the cyclone (kg) 14 30 52
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