Type Engine (kW) Capacity (soya) (kg/hour)
KS 100 11 100-120
KS 200 22 200-220
KS 250 30 250-280
KS 300 37 300-320
KS 500 55 500-530
KS 650 75 650-680
KS 800 90 800-850

Processing corn capacity is less by 40-50%.

What is extrusion?

Crushing and grinding seeds at high temperature (120-150 C°) and high pressure (max. 40 atm.) with special machinery with an auger. During extrusion the grain is ground, and dehydrated because of the effect of high heat and pressure, moreover the grain is sterilized, then going out from the machinery it is puffed.

Why is extrusion useful?

The puffed feed can be digested better than simple ground feed for animals. Thanks to the extrusion process enzyme, vitamins and amino-acid remain in the product and they can absorb in the stomach of animals. Beside the effect of high heat the harmful microfloras and the other not useful materials are destroyed and inactivated, therefore the food is sterile and has high quality. By using extruded feed weight can be grown in short time. The weight of cattle and poultry grows quicker than using non-extruded feed. It is important that using extruded feed to sterilize the feed does not need any expense.

What can be extruded?

Extruders are provided for every type of grain e.g. soya, corn, wheat, barley, and rye.



Low investment cost.

Low energy is needed.

A small place is needed.

Producing feed with excellent quality and high food value.

The feed can be digested and absorbed well. Saving raw material.