Our mixers are used for producing different agricultural grain. The base of their operation is the conveying spiral with a pitch in opposite direction placed on one shaft. Because of it the mixers mix homogenously and quickly. The mixers can operate alone and in a system. The mixers are produced with different sizes and building.

KS300 mixers

KS500 mixers

KS1000 mixers

KS2000 mixers

Types KS300 KS500 KS1000 KS2000
A (mm) 780 940 1210 1450
B (mm) 1920 2640 2900 3750
C (mm) 1200 1460 1690 1890
D (mm) 1750 1900 2110 2800
Electromotor capacity (kW) 2,2 4 9,2 22
Capacity (m3) 0,6 1 2 4

A mixer with a hammer mill and an unloading auger

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Basic accessories

Geared motor

Slide gate

Dust bag



The driving of the mixer is operated by a gear made of steel cast to provide its life.

The rotating movement of the mixing shaft can be worked by excellent bearing with double lines.

The inner mixing element is produced with different technologies in the interest of steady mixing.

The height of the shaft can be adjustable in the mixing house, therefore there is minimal mixture dropping away in the mixer.

It can be assembled with an electric scale, which helps accurate loading.

The advantage of our mixers is that they are compatible with the machineries produced by our company.Therefore our grinders can be assembled on the mixers.