Bucket elevators

It is suggested where economy, reliability and capacity are requirements. The bucket elevator an economical and reliable solution for conveying a large amount of grain vertically, and cores, ground material and granulate.

The bucket conveyor can be set in a minimal place, it can be fixed into every silo system, because a conveying machine can be connected to the both sides of the bucket elevator and it conveys without waste. The bucket elevator needs a small place, they are placed anywhere in the system of grain conveying where vertical conveying is needed.



  • Galvanized building.
  • There are many variations because of the extensions.
  • An elevator head with coating, with an anti-runback device, and abrasion-proof renewable steel.
  • An oil-proof conveying brace.
  • An extension piece fixing is produced in anhydrous building.
  • An elevator bottom with brace pre-stressing steel.
  • Gear motor with a bracket.
  • Extensions 2-1-0,5-0,25m, 1piece of it with a 2m inspection box.
  • The bolts and the tools of the buckets.
  • The thickness of the plates:
  • Head: 4/3mm
  • Bottom:4mm
  • Extension: 2mm

Bucket elevators: type SK, SK25-50, SK60-80, SK100-120

Type Capacity t/h D outlet, inlet bucket Buckets (pc)/m Belt (mm))
SK25 25 150/200 5,15 150
SK50 50 150/200 10,3 150
SK60 60 250 6,3 200
SK80 80 250 8,5 200
SK100 100 300 6 250
SK120 120 300 7 250
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Picture 1
A ladder with a safety cage
Galvanized building
Fixing with bolt connection

Picture 2
A platform with a safety railing and an ankle pad
Galvanized building

Picture 3
Support made of steel
It is built with bolt connection
Use: in the case when the bracing of the elevator cannot be solved.