Hammer mills

Our hammer mills are used for grinding different agricultural grain.

It can be operated both as an independent unit and built in a system. In the mills high efficiency can be achieved with using a round sieve, which are placed horizontally therefore the time of the milling can be reduced.

Type Motor capacity(kW) Milling capacity(kW) The number of hammers
KS 55 5,5 0,8 – 1,5 20
KS 75 7,5 1,0 – 2,0 24
KS 110 11 1,2 – 2,3 24
KS 150 15 1,4 – 2,6 24
KS 185 18,5 1,6 – 2,9 30
KS 220 22 2,5 – 3,5 36
KS 300 30 2,8 – 4,2 36
KS 370 37 3,2 – 4,7 36
KS 450 45 3,5 – 5,2 49
KS 550 55 4,0 – 6,0 49

*The data of given capacities are with a 40mm sieve in the case of milling grain with 14% humidity.

More information

Basic accessories

80 l hopper

Magnetic metal separator

Slide gate tolózár

1+1 pcs of sieve

1pc of hammer set


Automatic load compensator

The different types of grain can be milled with different capacity because their character. For instance a larger amount of corn can be added into the mill than barley. This unit follows the ampere-intake of the motor continuously in order to achieve that the motor can always work with the maximum ampere. Using this machinery the capacity can be increased without the intervention of the operator.

Manual slide gate

The quantity of the grain that we want to grind can be controlled. This accessory is a basic instrument.

Sieves, hammers

For every hammer mill 2 pieces of round sieve are given (one is placed in the mill and one is a spare). The sieve is made of perforated board and it has holes (from 3mm to 10mm). Our hammers are toughened in oil or water. Thanks for the special procedure toughen hammers, which are as strong as a bearing ball, are provided to our mills.The hammers can be turned four times therefore a set of hammers can mill a large amount of grain. According to the experience, a set of hammers is enough to grind 120 wagons. Our company can produce unique sized sieves and hammers.

Magnetic metal separator

A This is the accessory which prevents that during grinding different products made of metal (bolts, nails, etc.) can get into the mill. The life of the hammers and the sieves in the mill can be provided and increased with the help of it.

Distribution box

Detached mills have a distribution box. The motor protecting switch prevents the motor to overburden or burn down. In addition to it the ampere-intake of the mill is followed up on a display. The emergency stop button is significant because of the safety of the mill. The emergency stop button can turn off the electricity.