Machineries for acid treatment

The expense of the preservation that is used for fodder can be reduced to minimum. Beside or instead of drying corps can be stored both by preserving with propionic acid and fermenting with formic acid based preparation. The acid-treated crop is an excellent solution in terms of fodder. This crop helps the digestion and the operation of cattle’s tripe. The acid is added by a pot. The added amount can be seen on the display. After starting the machinery, the control system makes calculation according to the current feeding. Accuracy is provided by sampling from the produced amount of corps per second. The last three amount and the operation hours can be controlled.

The menu can be reached by a digital display with a Hungarian menu. If the crops cannot flow through the machinery or there is a motor error, the operator is warned by a discontinuous acoustic alarm. The cause of the error can be read on the display.

The machinery is operated from 230V AC. The machine works with 2A. The machine can also be used for preparing seed.