Sieve cleaners

The sieve cleaner is one of the most effective type of cleaners. The chaffers with different holes and exhaust blower take part in cleaning. By this machinery the rest of the stem, fine size fraction and the totally clean crop can be divided. In the machinery there are more types of governors which calibrate cleaning according to the type of the crop.

Type The capacity of the precleaner blower* The capacity of the sieve cleaner The size of the chaffers altogether (m2) The capacity of the engine (kW) (kW) The capacity of the dust extractor blower (kW) Length (mm) Szélesség (mm) Height(mm) Weight (kg)
PSC 5 8 3 2,3 0,75 1,1 2850 1100 1870 380
PSC 10 45 18 6 2,2 2,2 3530 1620 2140 1000
PSC 15 60 30 9 3 4 3530 2150 2140 1360

*In the case of 750kg/m3 density, 14% humidity and 2% contamination

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How to work::


The inclination of the chaffers can be adjusted therefore the cleaning capacity can be regulated.

For the maximum cleaning result more chaffers with different holes work together. The material that stays on the chaffer is devided separately.

An exhaust ventilator devides the fine dirt. Except for the inlet there is dirt blowing at the outlet of the cleaned material.